Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Handful of Months!

Has it really been another 30 days? It seems like just a blink and here we are, celebrating another month-iversary! While every month has brought so many special memories, I think this stage may be my favorite. Em is developing such a sweet personality. She enjoys interacting with people, both ones she knows and ones she doesn't. She hasn't shown any obvious attachments yet; she will generally comply to being held by just about anyone. Although she doesn't mind strangers, she does recognize those who are familiar to her. She will follow voices around the room and move around so she can keep an eye on things. Just like in the other months, she still loves kicking around under her rainforest play mat, although she doesn't stay in one spot for long. She will usually rotate around in a complete circle, chasing the toys that hang from the arches or looking over her shoulder to check out her surroundings. She is a very curious little girl. She is becoming more and more mobile each day. She continues to flip over from back to front and front to back. When placed on her back, she will flip over onto her tummy. After a minute or two, she will tire of being on her stomach and cry out to be flipped back over; it's as if she has forgotten that she already knows how to flip onto her back. Her cries are usually squawks; she also has developed a funny raptor-like sound that makes us laugh. Em has discovered her hands and feet. When we put her down for the night in her crib, Boomer and I will watch her on the monitor as she looks at her hands and wiggles her fingers in front of her face. She also likes to play with her [little bit of] hair and tug on her ears. I love watching her discover new things, whether its a body part or a new toy. She has one tooth poking through in the bottom row. Boomer is the one that discovered it just a few days ago. It confirmed my suspicions that she was teething. To relieve the pain, she often chews on her fingers, blankets, or toys. She also has been more slobbery; she loves to blow raspberries and spit bubbles. Our long and lean 5-month old loves to dance and jump in Daddy's arms, whether on the changing table in the morning or on Daddy's lap in his recliner in the evenings.  

As for dislikes, she doesn't have many. Burping is probably the biggest! It is impossible to stop her mid-feeding to coax out a burp. She throws a bit of a tantrum -- arching her back, crying, squirming -- until you lower her back into the feeding position. Being a worried new mom, I asked the doctor at our 4-month appointment if her 'resistance to burping' was a cause for concern, and he said no; some babies prefer to have the whole feeding before being burped. This is definitely Em! I suppose the only other dislike is staying up late. Em likes her routine of going to bed between 7PM and 8PM. We generally plan any dinners or evening get-togethers for 5PM or 5:30PM, so that we can be back home around 7PM for the nighttime routine. 

Our monthly photo shoots are usually in the morning before I go to work. Around 7AM, just after Grammy comes over, we set up in the rocking recliner that is in Em's nursery. With a full belly and a dry diaper, Em is all smiles to start the day! :)
April 10th was a special day, because not only did Em turn 5 months old, but Grammy turned 732 months old! (That's 61!) There are a lot of April birthdays, and Grammy is the first one in the bunch. Here is a picture of the two of them!

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