Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Doctors Visits and Dinner Dates

I feel like I have been spending a lot of time at the doctor's office lately. Yesterday, I went for the third time in just 7 days! After Emmy's 15-month appointment last Monday and then my strep appointment on Wednesday, I was hoping to avoid the doctor for awhile. But Emmy had a cough all weekend and then started to run a fever on Sunday, so Monday meant another trip back to the doctor. We found out that Emmy has an ear infection and a nasty cold (not the flu... whew!) She was very good at the doctor's office and was very entertained by the crinkly plastic paper on the exam table. She is on an antibiotic for the next few days, and luckily she loves taking her medicine. Anytime we get the syringe out, she starts opening her mouth like a little baby bird! Boomer says he wasn't always the best about taking medicine as a kid, so I'm glad she didn't get that from him. I was able to take the day off work to be with her; it reminded me a bit of my maternity leave again. After going to the doctor, we stayed in our pajamas, and Emmy slept a good amount of the day. Here are a few pictures from our sick day. Emmy didn't have too much of an appetite, but I was able to get her to eat a few pouches. After finishing her pouch, she held it up to her ear just like a phone. She likes 'talking' to lot of different objects these days -- shoes, books, the toothpaste. She has picked up on mimicking things that she sees Mommy and Daddy doing.
Emmy can now get on and off her little car toy by herself. She is pretty good at moving backward and is still working on the whole moving forward thing. As you can see above, she gets a little upset whenever she runs into something. She is getting better at problem-solving, but her first instinct right now is to cry out to Mommy. 

Grammy watched Emmy today so that she could have an extra day of rest before returning to daycare. I was so happy to get this photo in the morning, seeing my little girl all smiles. 

Aside from the sickness, we had a very fun weekend. On Friday night, Boomer and I enjoyed a Valentine's date at one of our favorite restaurants, 4th Street Filling Station. Grammy picked up Emmy from daycare that afternoon so I fit in a work-out and a shower beforehand. It was nice to have a little bit of mommy-time. In typical Lindsey-fashion though, I tried to do too much, and it looked like we were going to be late for our reservation. Without even asking him, Boomer called to push back our reservation but then called again when I was able to get myself ready in time. I'm sure the hostess thought he had a crazy wife! We Facetimed with Emmy on the way to the restaurant, and then Grammy put her to bed before we got home. Dinner was so nice. We are still using gift cards from Boomer's generous staff at Nancy Reynolds Elementary, and we splurged with drinks and appetizers. We really enjoyed the quality time together. 

On Sunday, we met PawPaw Bret and Granny Cathy in Charlotte for a Charlotte Checkers game. Carlin has been working for the Checkers since the fall, and it was so fun to see her in her element! We got to see her big-girl apartment beforehand and also have lunch at a yummy burger joint called Moo & Brew. Unfortunately the Checkers lost 3-1 after leading for almost the entire game, but it was such a fun atmosphere. Emmy got a special button from Aunt Carlin that said "My 1st Checkers game!", and she wore the shirt that Aunt Carlin got her for Christmas. Emmy was pretty sleepy towards the end of the afternoon and quickly fell asleep on the drive home. She also had some redness around her eyes and the constant coughing. I see now that those were signs that she wasn't feeling well. I am trying to get better at reading her, since she can't tell me yet how she is feeling. Emmy was a good sport, and she enjoyed being passed around and standing up in the seats. We can now add hockey to the list of sports that Emmy enjoys!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sharing my Valentine

Boomer has had to be caretaker to both of his girls over the last few days. I was fighting a sore throat earlier in the week and finally went to the doctor on Wednesday. I found out that I have strep! I've been taking a prescription and already feel much better. With the pain of the sore throat subsiding, I've mostly just felt tired... but I suppose that is a common side effect of just being a mom :) Emmy has had some congestion and a cough, and I have been wearing a mask at home just to make sure she doesn't catch anything from me (or vice versa!) We went to her 15-month appointment on Monday, and we got a great report from the doctor. Ears, nose, and throat all looked clear, and he said that her heart and lungs sound good. This winter season has been particularly bad for germs and the flu, so I was very glad to have this appointment to check up on everything. Emmy weighed 21 lbs, 4 oz (51st percentile) and measured 31 inches long (66th percentile). We bribed her with Cheerios to keep her happy before and after shots! In the last photo, she is patting her belly, which is one of her newest tricks. She can identify her belly and her nose...we are working on other body parts too. 

For Valentine's Day, since Emmy and I both were under the weather, we enjoyed a quiet evening at home. I made my homemade stromboli (one of Boomer's favorites), and then Boomer brought me a bowl of ice cream in bed while I rested. Boomer and I will be getting a date night on Friday night. (Thank you, Grammy!) I have been looking forward to it, so hopefully I am back to 100% by then. Even though I'm getting the date night, I am otherwise sharing my Valentine again this year. There is no doubt that Daddy has two ladies in his life now, and he is so good to both of us! 
Emmy's Valentines from her classmates
Flowers delivered to my school :)

Friday, February 9, 2018

We survived!

Boomer had his annual conference at Pinehurst this week, and that meant Mommy was on solo parent duty! When Boomer went to this same conference last year, Emmy was still very little and didn't seem to require too much. I was nursing at that time, so that was a lot of hard work, but she was otherwise pretty easy: immobile, two-naps-a-day, and generally stayed in one place. Emmy is a bit harder to keep up with now, and there are several extra steps in the process of getting ready, eating a meal, and going to bed. In preparing for Boomer's absence, I was particularly nervous about pulling off the morning routine. On a typical morning, I usually get Emmy dressed and fed, and then Boomer gets her into her car seat and off to daycare. Boomer also offers relief when she's having a fussy morning, and he'll also carry her downstairs for breakfast, which is a big help when there is always an armload of other things to be carried down. After Boomer and Emmy leave, I'm just a few minutes behind them, after I have cleaned up the kitchen and gathered my things. One thing I discovered this week: it isn't so easy getting the car loaded while carrying a squirming toddler and trying not to ruin your make-up, hair, and clothing. Luckily we didn't have too many mishaps while Daddy was gone. Now that I know I can do it solo, I feel like Superwoman, but I'm so glad to not have to! Emmy and I had some fun girl time with lots of selfies, but we sure missed Daddy! Now that he is back home, we are looking forward to time together this weekend. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Back at it

In my last post, I wrote about how we were out of the groove because of two-hour delays and school closings. Now, we are back to the 8-10 hour workdays and full five-day weeks. This past week was hard adjusting to a regular schedule again. It was the first full week since Christmas break, and whew, I was feeling it by Friday evening! Emmy must have been feeling tired too, because for the first time, she dozed off in her high chair during lunch on Saturday. (Shortly after this photo, I moved her to her crib!) 

Mostly, Emmy is alert and excited for meal time, so it was pretty unusual that she would fall asleep in her high chair. She continues to love apples, Cheerios, and most of the baby food pouches. She is on a banana kick right now and also loves grilled cheese. We are struggling to find ways to get meat into her diet; we just don't always have meals with protein that she can easily digest. She loved the lasagna at Grammy's house last week, and she would eat the pieces of hamburger, no problem. She also loves Grammy's chicken pot pie. We've tried some of the pouches that are 'complete meals' like 'Harvest Vegetables and Turkey" and "Chicken and Brown Rice" - yum! (ha ha) After a few skeptical swallows, she generally won't eat any more of it, and we end up throwing those pouches away. Some days, she will eat deli meat (either turkey, ham, or rotisserie chicken), but other days she will put the small shredded pieces into her mouth and then let them fall down her chin. At daycare, the children have their snacks and lunch around a low table, with each child sitting in a small chair. It is hard to imagine her doing this, when at home we still have her in a high chair (and will continue to do so for quite a long time!) They have been allowing the children to play and experiment with spoons and have asked that we reinforce that at home. We are still feeding Emmy for now, but then when the meal is over, I will give her the spoon to hold. She likes lifting it up to her mouth and licking off anything that is left. 
One night this past week, Daddy had to work late, and we fit in a stroll downtown. The weather was in the 60s, and it was so nice to be outside for a bit. 
That night, I was solo for bath time, and Emmy was very cooperative. It seems we have turned a new leaf and that she now likes bath time again. Yay! We went through a phase where she would start to cry even just entering the bathroom. When he is home, Boomer usually takes the lead with bath - he is so careful to find just the right temperature, and he will let Emmy splash and play, unlike Mommy who is always in a rush to get things done. I tried to be more like Daddy that night, but we both missed him, as we always do when he has to stay at school late. 
Emmy is still standing a lot and practicing her walking. 
We've had to find creative ways to keep her still during diaper changes. She is very wiggly and squirmy most of the time. 
We are all trying to stay healthy, but there is certainly a lot of germs and sickness going around. The flu has been especially bad this year, and with Emmy in daycare, I have been so worried that she will pick it up from one of the other kids. Like a typical overprotective mom of a first child, I have been taking her temperature for no reason at all, just to make sure it is normal. We have also been careful to wash hands and wipe down anything that Emmy puts into her mouth. Last Sunday, Mom and I visited Grandpa at the hospital. He was taken there on Saturday after a fall, and just to take precautions, they were monitoring him for a stroke and also a gastro-intestinal virus. With the flu already hitting the Houston household and with Dad recovering from his knee replacement surgery, Mom and I may have looked silly, but we didn't want to risk catching anything! 
Emmy's newest trick is playing peek-a-boo! She plays with Daddy, either hiding behind clothing during a diaper change or using a toy to cover her face. Last night, after dinner while she was still in her high chair and completely unprompted, she covered her eyes and started playing peek-a-boo with Grammy and me. It was so cute! I want to teach her how to blow kisses...hopefully just in time for Valentine's Day!
This week, Boomer has several more late nights. Zack is also out of town for work, so Meg and I were solo this evening with the kiddos. We met up for dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and after getting stuffed full of nuggets and waffle fries, the three cousins played in the helicopter. Zander and Maddox showed Emmy how to spin the steering wheel, but as you can see, she was much happier when she had the helicopter all to herself. She is such a ham!