Friday, March 10, 2017

Squirmy, Smiley, and 4 Months Old

Every day is something new with our squirmy, smiley 4-month old! Our little Em likes chewing on her hand, blowing bubbles, and finding the television, wherever it may be in the room. She also loves kicking around on her changing table and sleeping in the car. The rainforest is still one of her favorite activities, and she especially likes grabbing the toucan. She is pretty strong when she is sitting in her Bumbo or rolling over from her tummy to her back. She has not yet done the reverse, but she is so close! Our curious little girl almost rolls over when she is trying to see something over her shoulder. I don't think it will be much longer until she figures it out. Her hair is still sparse, with the most being on the very top of her head. We are a long ways away from pigtails! She likes spending the day with Grammy; walking around the neighborhood, reading books, or running errands around town. When Grammy comes over in the morning, she loves calling out to her and saying 'hello.' Em sure has a thing for the men in her life, because she loves to smile at Grandpa and laugh at Daddy. She also doesn't make a fuss around her cousins, whether it's letting Zander hold her or allowing Maddox to rock her in her car seat. She continues to be a great sleeper. Em's bedtime is around 7:30PM...and sometimes it is hard to keep her awake even that late! Usually around 6:45PM or 7:00PM, she will make her displeasure known if Mommy isn't moving fast enough with the bedtime routine. We will bounce around or sing songs to at least make it until 7:15PM, when we will do a last feeding. She is eating around 30 ounces a day, and sometimes as much as 9 ounces at the nighttime feeding. She is in between sizes right now: her 0-3 month clothes are too small, but some of the 3-6 month clothes are too big. Luckily we have a lot of clothes, because she tends to have one big blow-out a day. It is a rare surprise for me to see her in the same outfit in the evening as the one she had on that morning. 

Up ahead in the next few days, we have Em's 4-month
appointment, which will include a few more vaccines and the usual measurements. By our own judgement, she is a happy, healthy little girl, but I am anxious to have the doctor confirm that. We also have a big 'first', as I spend my first night away from Em. Next weekend, we are celebrating Emily's Bachelorette Weekend in Boone, so I am turning things over to Daddy for Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully it will be a fun weekend for everyone! Speaking of weekend, happy Friday! Em is already asleep, and I hope to make it up until Boomer gets home. We met him earlier for dinner at the River Grill in Yadkinville, but he went back to school for baseball. Yep, it's baseball season! They are calling for some winter weather on Saturday night, so spring seems like it is taking its time. We will set the clocks forward this weekend and hope for longer days and warmer weather...Or maybe one more snow day!

Happy 4 Months, Emerson! We've loved every single day with you!

I couldn't help including this may be one of my favorites! <3

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